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Tips For Writing A Successful Civil Engineering Personal Statement.

Personal statement means a piece of writing which introduces you to the members of selection or admission committee of mainly educational institutions or other job institution as a procedure for getting admission in those institutions. Writing a successful personal statement always becomes a hard nut to crack to students when it becomes a criteria for their admission. Personal statement is an opportunity to sell yourself in the application process. Imagine members of selection board are the buyers. You have to impress them and sell your product. Personal statements are of mainly two types.1) General and comprehensive personal statement and 2) Answering the very specific questions which are provided by the authorities. In the general personal statement you have the maximum freedom to express yourself in order to convince the members of selection committees. Professional educational institutions especially medical and engineering always demand for general and comprehensive personal statement. Some personal statement requires for answering specific questions already provided by them. It’s no matter which type of personal statement, but it is sure that a simple mistake you commit while writing a personal statement may become a reason for your rejection. Students often get confused about how to write personal statement for different disciplines of engineering and medical courses which are an indispensable part of selection process. This article may help you in writing a successful personal statement for civil engineering. Following these guidelines you can write a successful civil engineering personal statement.

Civil engineering is one of the disciplines of engineering that have a great relevance in this ever fast developing modern world. Buildings, roads, airports, railways, sewage etc needs the brain and body of a civil engineer. So you have aware about the importance and seriousness of the field you are going to deal with. Writing personal statement requires thought and planning. For analyzing yourself and your objectives, a few hours will not be sufficient. Your personal statement should be interesting, insightful, revealing and non generic. For writing such a personal statement, you have to gone through a careful reflection and self-examination. Make sure that your introduction paragraph should grab the attention of the members of selection committee. Introduce your education, interest, career and passion on the subject and field of civil engineering in such a way that members of the admission and selection committee forced to select you based on your unique quality of way of presentation, analysis and judgment. For writing civil engineering personal statement you have an obligation to mention about your interest in science subjects. You must detail your special interest and experiences in the particular field of civil engineering. Be specific as you can, don’t deviate from the topic. Remember that the selection committee members cannot consume so much of time on a single personal statement. As you are writing civil engineering personal statement, if you have any innovative ideas that you want to apply in the field of civil engineering, don’t forget to mention about that. Don’t mention that you are a regular reader of any science journal or diehard fan of any science related television shows. Don’t make the readers to ask, ‘so what’, while they read your personal statement. You can mention such type of things only when you had received any special or relevant benefit or experience from that. Try to give answer for the question that how you get interested in this field, mention about any incidents which drive your interest to the civil engineering field if any. Try to include the details of any specific classes, reading, seminars, internships or conversations you attended in the past. Be specific about your objectives, goals, dreams that you want to achieve in the future. Avoid repeated ideas and sentences. Be genuine in your writing. Avoid exaggerations. Remember you are writing civil engineering personal statement, so keep in mind that members of selection board are not evaluating your knowledge in literature or creativity in writing. Be positive in your writing. Show your confidence and enthusiasm to deal such a subject.