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Things to keep in mind when preparing Fellowship Personal Statement

Do universities and selection committee members of other institutions really give importance to personal statements? This is a question that has been raised by students over the past decade and even though there has been many answers proving it is very important to prepare one very well, people are still confused if it is worthwhile to put the effort in preparing a good fellowship personal statement. The applicants are correct when they ask if a well prepared personal statement will guarantee them admission into the institution. The answer to this is actually simple and can be explained with just once sentence and that is, a well prepared fellowship personal statement may not help in getting the scholarship approved but it will definitely help you gain votes for selection for the final round of interview at least. A badly prepared personal statement will do no one any good and this could lead to rejection right from round one.

A fellowship personal statement is something you want to tell about yourself to the reader to give information about yourself because during a selection process the members would like to know more about the applicant other than his test scores and details filled on application forms. This statement will give a true reflection about yourself so write everything you want the reader to know about yourself that will help you in getting selected. When I say write everything you want to remember that this does not mean writing about your personal life and how much sacrifice you had to make in order to get there. In fact write more about your skills and goals that you have after you get selected for the program you are applying for and also mention the methods through which you have already started pursuing your goals. It is of great importance to do a good study about the university or school you are applying to as well because there is often a question asked by the selection committee on why you want to join us. So mentioning all these details about how it was your goal and dream to study hard right from a small age and be eligible to apply to that institution so that the reader feels that you are determined to reach your goal and should be someone who should at all costs be given an opportunity for final round of selection for more scanning.

A well prepared fellowship personal statement must be under one page and think of it as writing an essay about your accomplishments. Honesty is the key to success here and make sure you have the answers ready for everything you have mentioned in your statement. One small doubt or more than a minute to answer the questions during interview could lead to failure to get selected. So be precise on what you write and take all the time you want to prepare the personal statement as well. It is not an easy process to get a well written fellowship personal statement done and so take all the help you can get from family, friends and the lecturers of your last school if possible. Professional help from lecturers could go a long way in getting the best material created since a teacher will always want their students to succeed in life and besides they are qualified, so their control over the English language and the usage of impact making words will be high. The next step is making a note about the various questions the interviewer would ask you and finding the best answers to all of them. This not only helps in adding more vital information on why you are the best applicant but also helps in increasing your confidence for the final round of interviews since this is when most of the tough questions will usually be asked by the selection committee.

It does not matter if you are applying for a program that is academically very competitive or one that is not competitive at all, the importance of a well prepared fellowship personal statement is important for both. I have heard some people say even the non-competitive programs have started to give importance to personal statements when it comes to selecting the applicant for the final round of interviews, so you might be getting an idea now on how vital these personal statements can help in getting the interview sealed. If you are applying to different specialities at the same time then remember to prepare a different personal statement for each because it could up being a big confusion if you only decide to change a few words here and there because the accomplishments and expectations required for both specialities would naturally be different.

Now when it comes to mentioning your goals it would to you a whole world of good if you mention both your short and long term goals. The reader must feel that you have the motivation to reach your long term goals by the way in which you explain them and this could be a question asked during the interview as well on what have you started to do in order to achieve these goals. Try to find out all sort of questions that could be asked on your goals and find the answers to each of them. Now there may be bad answers but having an answer and preparing them well in advance and mentioning them in your fellowship personal statement without even the selection committee asking will be a huge advantage to your selection process because they would have a good impression about you. If you are planning to apply to a very highly reputed institution or one that is abroad then they would not only require knowing what your goals are but also on how you plan to achieve them by joining the institution. You must have all sorts of answers ready to write in your personal statement such as what prompted you to choose that particular institution and why you think joining them only could help you in achieving your goals and so on.

Make use of paragraphs when writing your fellowship personal statements and the most important points must come by the end of the first paragraph itself because the reader must not feel bored and must be prompted to read more about you by the way you have mentioned about your skills and passion for the fellowship. You must express yourself as someone who is ready to take on the challenge and has good motivational and leadership qualities in your fellowship personal statement. Mention everything about your history that lead you to choose the particular fellowship such as one of your parents working in that particular speciality or something as this will only add to the positives.

Now the last two steps involved in preparing your fellowship personal statement are the most important and these are Plagiarism check and proofreading. What this basically means is you should not copy personal statements from your friend or from online because this can be understood easily with the help of Plagiarism software’s that most people would have saved in their computers. The material you prepare must be unique and must be done with the writing skills you possess and always check, recheck and cross check the matter you prepared several times in order to find any grammar or spelling mistakes. A small grammar mistake or the wrong usage of words could lead to a big failure so remember to do all these things while preparing your fellowship personal statement and you will be assured selection for the final round of interview.