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Mistakes to avoid when preparing Medical school personal statement

I am someone who works in the Human resource department of a reputed Medical university and have access to the applications students send in order to get selected for the medical studies. I have noticed over the years that quite a few of them keep repeating the same mistakes when writing their Medical school personal statements and the rate at which I find them is alarmingly high. Maybe most people think a personal statement is just something written as a formality and do not give much importance to them and hence the mistakes appear. It does not matter if it is a Medical program or any other programs you are applying for, the quality of the personal statements are very important and is something that could be a deciding factor in order to getting you selected for the interview.

There are many common mistakes committed when preparing a Medical school personal statement but I will talk about the most important ones committed that need a revision at every cost. The first and foremost mistake everyone commits is to prepare a normal ordinary looking personal statement that is not different from the hundreds available on the internet. This is considered an absolute sin to commit when it comes to writing good Medical school personal statements, so you need to prepare an essay that is unique and filled with information that is known only to you. This will include your own experiences in life and the skills and accomplishments you have in order to become a medical student. The university will always be interested in selecting students who have good English and communication skills since these directly will show how talented a person is, so fill your medical school personal statement will quality rich material and make use of strong words that will make an impact on anyone who reads it.

Another common mistakemost students do is to not mention what preparations they have been undertaking in order to pursue for a career in medical studies. Of course there are students who join this program because of the wide knowledge and career opportunities it offers but you must show the reader that you are someone who cares about humanity and in treating and curing people. Mention all your practical experiences if you have any and also mention every form of volunteering you have done in order to help people or charity. If the reader notices and feels satisfied that you are someone who takes part in volunteering programs to help people then you will surely be one step closer to getting selected.

Never forget to mention the reasons that made you choose this program and why you would dedicate your life in order to purse your goals in order to become the best medical student you possibly can. A reader will be interested in selecting someone who has a good passion for medical studies and is ready to commit his life towards achieving this goal and helping people.

Finally do not forget to revise your Medical school personal statement after you have done preparing it. The numbers of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes I have seen while reading through several of these statements are very high and these are mistakes that occur due to bad proofreading or error on the part of the writer to revise the essay. It does not matter if you are writing a personal statement or an essay for your subjects, proofreading is an essential part of getting the best material prepared and this must not be avoided. There are several methods to proofread your Medical school personal statement and if you are too busy to do it yourself then ask your friends, family members or a lecturer who is qualified and has coached you before to help you out.

Remember that a medical school personal statement is an opportunity for you to show the university that you are able, talented and possess the skills to be chosen as the best from hundreds of other applicants so make use of this opportunity and prepare the best personal statement you possibly can because this statement is what will describe you as an individual and your goals and passion for medical studies.