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Tips For Medical School Personal Statement Editing

Personal statement has become an unavoidable requirement of all educational institutions whether professional or not, during their admission process in order to select new students for their institutions. Personal statement is an opportunity to describe who you are and why you are a unique candidate for studying particular course or subject. Personal statement is a mandatory requirement for most of the medical schools. Consider the submission of personal statement as the first step of your interview. Each year, medical schools receive thousands of applications. They cannot accommodate everyone who applies in their schools. When number of applications increases, the criteria for selecting students for their institutions also become tougher.

The personal statement plays an important role in determining who gets the selection. When the quality, standard and variety of your personal statement increase, it will increase your chance to get admission in medical schools. An excellent personal statement can be submitted only after an excellent editing. Medical school personal statement editing is considerably a tough task. Candidates usually seek help of professionals for their medical school personal statement editing. Because they don’t want to take risk, even when a simple mistake in their personal statement for medical school leads to their total rejection. Many websites are providing medical school personal statement editing services. It is not necessary that everyone can afford the expenses of professionals providing their service of medical school personal statement editing even though most of them demands a reasonable price. By doing a little hard work, everyone can edit a personal statement for medical school successfully. In your personal statement for medical school, you have to explain why you want be a medical professional.

The selection boards of medical school usually consist of doctors, senior professors and other learned persons. It is difficult to impress such persons. They want to know, how you grown up as a person and to what extend your experiences had motivated and reinforced your desire to pursue medical profession. And should also include what are your special skills, believes and values. Be truthful in your writings. Also mention if you have an interest in conducting researches in the medical field. Don’t believe that writing personal statement is an easy task. You have to prepare a number of drafts to write an effective, successful personal statement especially for a medical school. When the final draft is ready, the next step is editing. The task of medical school personal statement editing requires utmost care and thought. Editing determines the beauty of your writing. It determines your ability to present yourself before others in a convincing way. Simply, editing means the process of correcting” punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, style, and word choice of what you had written. Through editing, you can detect the errors occurred in your writing and can remove them. The following guidelines may help you in the process of editing of your personal statement for medical school.

Continuous reading of your final draft of personal statement is the first step of your medical school personal statement editing. If you read aloud, you can easily understand your mistakes. At first, correct the spelling, avoid grammar mistakes and poorly worded sentences. While reading you may found incomplete sentences or phrases, then complete it immediately. Keep in mind that members of selection committee will receive thousands of applications, so that they have limited time and patience for flabby writing. Try to avoid repetitions.

During medical school personal statement editing, you have to ensure that, you had not used any clichés like ‘I want to become a medical practitioner, because I love science or it is my childhood dream’. If you provided a detailed list of your activities and achievements, then you should be able to list out only relevant experiences and achievements, while editing. Try to include only one or two significant and distinguishing experiences. If there is any gap occurs during your educational period that you forgot to mention about, then you should include the reason for such gaps in your personal statement.

Completely remove any statement of claims or aims which you want to achieve in future. If any words of you sound like arrogant, then remove it immediately. For example, don’t claim that you are special or different from other candidates. Let us leave it to the members of selection board for decide, whether you are special or not? Don’t write any statements regarding politics, religion or other controversial topics. If you already dealt with such subjects in your personal statement, then you should edit it. You don’t have to include any quotations of famous persons. It is a false belief that such quotations will increase the standard of your writing. The selection board wants to hear your words not others. Remove any statements which criticize other medical schools. Remember that a successful personal statement describes your personal growth, difficulty, strength and confidence. If you are not confident about your editing, you have to approach experienced persons or professionals.