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Personal statement CV examples that will help you to create the ultimate resume.

When preparing a personal statement for a resume people are always confused on what to write and how many sentences or paragraphs it requires. A thing to keep in mind is a personal statement for resume is entirely different from the personal statements one would have prepared when applying for getting a seat in a university or school. Those personal statements would be one which explains in depth about yourself and your motivation that lead you to purse your dream of applying to the university. Although the personal statements for resumes are similar in meaning, the one for resumes must be shorter and must not exceed more than a paragraph or two. I would keep it to just one paragraph because you do not want the interviewer to get bored and throw your CV away. You must prepare them in such a way that the interviewer would save it on their computer and come back to read it in detail later.

Now many people are confused on what needs to be written on these personal statements so I will explain them as easily as possible. First of all collect a few personal statement CV examples from online so that you get an idea on how to go about writing and what information different people have mentioned in their resumes. A well written personal statement would generally be small and should not exceed more than 200 to 250 words. If you want to add more information I would say keep it to fewer than 300 words but you do not want to make your resume look like a shabby story book. The type of language used must be very professional and must not contain any mistakes whatsoever. If any sort of grammar mistakes are committed on the personal statement then you can say goodbye to your interview call because this is the first paragraph the interviewer would read when he gets your resume and so it is your goal to make this paragraph both meaningful and strong. How you make it strong is with the use of powerful words such as leadership, motivational, committed, etc. you will get an idea of the different type of words used if you check personal statement cv examples that you can get online.

Another important thing is to decide whether to start writing the small essayas a first person or third person. This is a mistake that I have seen committed regularly not only in personal statements but also when writing essays on other subjects because the writer keeps changing the ways he writes things from the point of view of first person and third person as well in the very same essay. Some people may think an interviewer may not give importance to such things because the average time someone would spend reading a resume is considered to be under a minute or two. This is not however the case because if an interviewer likes your profile from the first minute of scanning they did then they would naturally come back to read it in detail later and that is when mistakes like these would be found. You do not want any form of mistakes so take care on how you decide to start writing. Be honest in everything you mention on your resume starting from your personal statements and everything throughout the resume. It can be understood by referring good personal statement CV examples that the ways in which the person writes about oneself will make it sound very confident and bold. Do the same with your personal statement as well and tell the interviewer what your career goals are and what skills you have to offer that would make them want to hire you. It must only contain positive information about yourself and make sure not to over boast about yourself because that could end up being a too good to be true situation. The things you write about yourself in your personal statement must not be long, should be true facts and to the point.

Many people have asked me is it better to mention personal statements at the start of the resume or at the end of the resume trying to make it unique in some way. I believe in order to make an impression it is always good to be the first paragraph an interviewer reads so keep it right below your name after you mention your personal details on the very first page. Most good personal statement CV examples I have found have also followed the same format and mention them at the very beginning.

So when preparing a good personal statement for resumes remember to mention about you who are, reputed companies you have worked with, what skills you have gained and what you have to offer and what your careers goals are. A badly written personal statement CV example would look as follows.

My career aim is to work in a professional environment that will help develop my skills and help achieve my career goals.

Now sure thing the above example mentions that you are looking forward to working with them but it says nothing about yourself and what skills you have to offer them. A well written personal statement example would be like the one below.

As a fresh graduate from University of Toronto with a degree in media communications, I have had the pleasure of working with AVM studios as an internship project and this has helped me in gaining knowledge not only about the media industry as a whole but also helped me in developing new set of skills, not related to what I specialised in which I never thought would be possible in a short period of time.

Now this personal statement CV example shows who you are and where you have done your degree from and also mentions the reputed firm that you have worked with. This is how you want your personal statement to look like and remember that the above example is a simple one made up by me and will have several more lines added to it mentioning my career aims if it was a genuine personal statement.

So taking into view this personal statement example start preparing your own personal statement for your resume and always remember to make it unique and never forget to proofread your resume when you are done with it. I repeat what I said earlier again about not mixing sentences when writing as from the point of view of a first person and third person as this will be very confusing to the reader and will be critical for the success of your resume.