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Tips for preparing personal statement for graduate school

In my career working as a lecturer and part time writer I have read through various applications people submit in order to be selected into out University and I have often seen many applications that come without any sort of personal statements or statements that are written in a line or two without explaining why an individual wants to join our institution. Some people still believe that personal statement for graduate schools is not important and these are only necessary when you apply for a medical or law school. Well that kind of thinking is wrong and it is very important to focus on preparing a good personal statement for graduate school as well choosing the perfect words and without any mistakes whatsoever. It might sound terrifying to some when they are told to prepare a good personal statement within a short period of time in between their studies or exams but even though it is not an easy process, it still can be done rather easily and if you are not confident then you could choose a writer from any website and pay them to get the personal statement delivered to you. But today I am going to focus on how to write your personal statement for graduate school on your own if you do not want to spend money or want to test your control of English language and writing skills.

The first thing you must never forget to do is to research a little bit about the school or university you are applying to and what their standard is. Then write your personal statements based on this and collecting knowledge about the school will be beneficial later to you as well when you are called for an interview later by the school. One of the common questions asked during an interview is what do you find special in our school or why do you want to join our school.

Secondly take a note about the most frequently asked questions based on the program or course you are applying for. If you are applying for more than once course then remember that the questions would be different for them as well, so find the time and patience to gather these questions. Then answer them in the best possible way and finally add these important answers without the questions to your essay and you would have been half way through your personal statement for graduate school. It is very important to stress on the accomplishments you have achieved so far and always remember to be honest because one lie will lead to another and it can be easily understood by the interviewer if you are telling the truth or not. The personal statement must only contain things that show your strengths and not your weaknesses so use very good keywords in order to mention them and also avoid the often overused words which will make your personal statement for graduate school be the same as every other statement you can find around. It is all about being unique and copying content from online and pasting it in order to make a lengthy statement about yourself will do you no good. Be precise and make sure to avoid grammar mistakes and you can be one step closer to being selected. Do not mention too much about your personal life because it will make it too lengthy with unwanted material, besides the school will only be interested in knowing what abilities you have and why they should select you above others. Remember that there will always be others will really high test scores that do not require a personal statement in order to get into the school, so if you are someone with low to average scores then give every importance to your personal statement for graduate school when applying.

The final tip is to proofread your personal statement for graduate school after you are done preparing it. Nowadays it is very easy to find any proofreading service for a small amount of money or you could take help from your best friend or your family members if they have good control over the English language in order to find out any mistakes. Tell your friend to read the essay out loud two times so that you can hear and make out if there are any mistakes and always use the help of two or more people. Even the slightest grammar or spelling mistake could lead to disaster so take every precaution to proofread your personal statement at least two times.