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How to write a successful personal statement for medical school.

Submission of personal statement is one of the mandatory steps during the admission procedure of medical schools. It is a method involved in the selection process. Selection board or committee of medical schools are using personal statement as a tool for selecting most appropriate, talented and eligible students for their medical schools from a large number of applicants. Selection board of medical school usually comprises of experienced doctors and senior professors. So it is really hard to impress them through your personal statement for medical school. We know that medical profession is a high standard and serious profession which is largely based on humanistic values. So from your personal statement for medical school, members of admission or selection board are expecting such amount of standard and seriousness. Remember that medical schools are overloaded with applications each year. So don’t get rejected because of a simple mistake you made in your personal statement for medical school. Medical schools often demand for a general and comprehensive personal statement so that you have the maximum freedom to express yourself. Writing personal statement for medical school is not a simple task, so that you can complete it in a few hours. Through personal statement you are introducing yourself, about your education, career, passion, achievements. It should be personal and analytical. Explain the specific reasons that why you are here. Explain the specific reasons that why you want to enter the medical profession. The selection board members are eager to know why you are selecting medical profession. Your personal statement should compel the selection committee for giving you an admission in their medical school. Arrange the ideas and sentences logically and grammatically correct. Explain and convince about the values you believe, want to follow and implement when you become a medical professional. In your personal statement for medical school, discuss about your past and define your future with confidence. Describe how you overcome the critical situations in your life. Mention about the how past and present events, and experiences mould your intellectual, personal and professional knowledge and goals. Don’t be exaggerative in your writing. Arrange your own knowledge, experiences and objectives in a realistic manner. Always try to keep a positive tone in your writing. Don’t be arrogant in your words. If any specific questions are provided by them, then read them thoroughly. Put a great effort to understand what they really want to know from you. Don’t answer them roughly. Answer them only after understanding the real intention behind such questions. Avoid poorly worded sentences. Write concisely. Convince the selection board that you are also interested in conducting researches. Mention about your special interest in science subjects. If you had scored lower grades in any subject, don’t give any explanations or justifications for that. Don’t forget to mention about if you have any previous experiences in conducting medical camps or lab assisting experiences. Mention if you are a member of any charitable group or organizations. And describe your experiences while providing social services. Be genuine in your writing. If you had attended any specific classes, seminars, internships, discussions, conversations related to the profession you want to be a part of it in the future, and then don’t forget to mention about such activities. It will definitely create an impression in the mind of members of selection board. Try to avoid repetitions. You should include the answer of the question that what might you be a strong candidate for their medical school, and makes you different from other applicants. You should make compelling reasons for selection board to select you. You have to gone through a careful reflection and self examination. And you want to develop an ability to analyze your past and present. In your personal statement for medical school you have to clearly define your future. Your personal statement for medical school should be personal and analytical. Don’t try to mention about your all activities and rewards. Only relevant activities and rewards should be mentioned. You can provide a short description about the reward you received and mention the effort you took for achieving such reward. Don’t get excited in your words while saying about your achievements. Don’t be too talkative about your future aims. Deal mainly with your past and present life and educational experiences, which have existing evidences before the selection committee. Don’t try to impress the members of selection or admission board of the medical school by your future goals. At first you have to prepare an outline of your personal statement for medical school. You may have to prepare several drafts for making a successful personal statement for medical school. When final draft becomes ready, the last step you have to go through is proof reading and editing. Read and read over your final draft, and also read it to your parents and friends. So you can understand the changes you want to bring about in the writing. Or you can approach professionals for editing your personal statement who are providing such type of services.