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Effective Personal statement for University

Personal statement has become an unavoidable part of the admission process of most of the educational institutions and universities. Through personal statement candidates get an opportunity to sell them in the application process. Personal statement otherwise can be called as self-marketing statement is a piece of writing which includes your personal information about your education, training, career and ambitions. It mainly includes the reasons and special interest of yours in the particular course or subject you want to study or deal with. Writing personal statement for university is a stressful task as it requires high amount of quality and standard. Your personal statement for university should be informative, interesting and distinctive from other candidates. Keep in mind that writing personal statement for university cannot be completed in a few hours. It needs long term preparations and homework. At first, you have to prepare an outline. Decide about what to include and what to exclude. Include only relevant incidents, experiences of your past and present, which are helpful for selecting you as a student of particular university. Through personal statement the university selection board wants to evaluate your communication skill and the way of presenting yourself before others. Try to avoid poorly worded sentences. At the same time, avoid quotations of other eminent persons. It’s a false belief that quotations of famous persons improve the standard and quality of your personal statement. Be genuine. Present your statements truthfully. Don’t exaggerate your ideas. Remember that members of selection board may receive thousands of personal statements; they don’t have enough time to read them, so don’t make them bored with your exaggerative ideas. Be simple, concise and precise. Be specific and avoid repetitions. Members of selection committee want to know how you have grown as a person through your experiences and how such experiences shape your interest and career. Make your writing, personal and analytical. A successful personal statement for university should reveal your life and educational experiences, strength and confidence and your ability to overcome all difficulties. Don’t mention about your picnic experiences and list of books you had read. Don’t be over-confident with your achievements. Only mention about relevant achievements. The selection board will decide whether your achievements are worthy or not. Don’t criticize other universities. Don’t make any foolish statements like ‘other universities are providing poor quality of education, that’s why I want to join this university.’ Be specific and non-generic. Don’t deviate from the subject. Maintain a positive tone and shows your confidence and enthusiasm throughout your writing. Avoid any political views or opinions in your personal statement for universities. If there is any gap occurred in your educational period, try to mention about its relevant reason. If there is any word limit, don’t go beyond that limit. Approach seriously the task of writing personal statement for universities. Don’t include funny statements. It will degrade your standard. Prepare drafts of your personal statement. After that, spend more time for editing with the help of professionals or experienced persons. If final draft is ready, read and read over what you had written, so you can edit your writing effectively even without the help of others.